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Energy efficiency – Replace lamps with more energy efficient ones

Since many metro and light rail stations were built in the 20th century, lighting in many stations is conventional. That means that lighting with fluorescent lighting tubes and (incandescent) light … Continue reading

Heavy-Duty Escalator

Heavy-duty escalators are¬†used in mass railway transit systems as rapid transit (metro), LRT. A.¬†Design Criteria A.1. Operational requirements Hours of operation shall be considered as 24 hours per day, seven … Continue reading

Simulation Software Categories for Tunnel Ventilation Systems

Software applications used for the design of tunnel ventilation systems fall into two general categories: onedimensional onedimensional, also known as network analysis, and two or three-dimensional CFD. In network analysis, … Continue reading

Metro / Subway Rapid Transit System

The International Association of Public Transport (or UITP) defines metro systems as urban passenger transport systems, “operated on their own right of way and segregated from general road and pedestrian … Continue reading