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Major Plant and Machinery for Depot Area

A. Material Handling

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

A.1. Overhead Travelling Crane  
Cranes are employed for lifting and lowering materials and moving materials in a rectangular area.

Jib Crane

A.2. Jib Crane  
Jib crane enable lifting and lowering of a load within a fixed semi-circular area.

Pit Jack System for Car Lifting

A.3. Pit Jack / Bogie Drop  
It is possible to remove the bogie, the wheelset and under coach components with dedicated interfaces.

Dummy Bogies

A.4. Dummy Bogies  
They are used to move rail vehicles around the depot once they have been separated from their bogies.

Mobile Lifting Jacks

A.5. Mobile Lifting Jacks  
They are designed to provide a flexible and reliable system for lifting all types of rolling stock for general maintenance requirements

Fork Lift Truck

A.6. Fork Lift Truck
It is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials short distances.

Pallet Truck

A.7. Pallet Truck  
Pallet jacks are the most basic form of a forklift and are intended to move pallets within a warehouse.

Scissors Type Lifting Trolley

A.8. Scissors Type Lifting Trolley  
These units help take the strain out of loading and unloading items from raised levels.

B. Wheel shop

Wheel Press

B.1. Wheel Press  
Wheelset Presses are able to mount and dismount all of the elements on the axle (wheels, brake discs, gears and bearings).

Vertical boring (Turret Lathe)

B.2. Vertical boring (Turret Lathe)  
This machine is used to machine the hub/bore of the wheels.

Multipurpose Wheel Lathe

B.3. Underfloor Wheel Lathe  
It is a specific machine tool for the corrective maintenance of railway rolling surfaces and train brake discs.

Axle turning Lathe

B.4. Axle turning Lathe  
Machine performs finish turns the wheel seats, bearing journal fillets, and upset axle ends of an axle for new production as well as for reclaiming of axles.

Induction Heater

B.5. Induction Heater  
Induction heater is used for mounting and demounting train wheel ring.

Bearing Coupling Extractor

B.6. Bearing/Coupling Extractor  
It extract bearing and coupling of wheel for maintainance or overhaul.

C. Bogie shop

Bogie Wash Cleaning Plant

C.1. Bogie Wash/Cleaning Plant  
It is used for the washing of locomotive, tram and metro bogies as well as for the cleaning of loose pieces put on service trolleys.

Bogie Static Load Testing

C.2. Bogie Static Load Testing  
It simulates loading car body on bogie and inspects bogie technical parameters after assembling.

Shock Absorber Testing

C.3. Shock Absorber Testing  
This bench performs testing of hydraulic shock absorbers in order to define performance, as well as tests with regard toughness.

Spring Scragging

C.4. Spring Scragging & Testing  
This instrument is for finding grinding defects on springs.

Magnaflex Crack Detector

C.5. Magnaflex Crack Detector  
It is used for detecting surface cracks in steel and iron components with magnetic particle inspection method.

D. Other M/CS

D.1. Re‐railing Equipment  
It is for quick lifting, lateral displacement and returning to rail of derailed vehicles.

Mobile Wheel Turning Lathe

D.2. Portable Wheel Turning Lathe  
It can be used for elimination of some wheel defects, which appear while in service.

train wash plant

D.3. Automatic Washing Plant  
It wash the all exterior side of train by means of stationary automated washing equipment with modular unit.

D.4.Water De‐mineralizing Plant  
System provides treatment and reuse of wastewater after the train is washed.

Turn Table for One Car

D.5. Turn Table for One Car  
It is a rotating platform designed for use by a car.

Turntable for Bogies

D.6. Turntable for Bogies  
The turntable is an essential piece of equipment in any rail workshop and enables the easy movement of both wheelsets and bogies.

Driving Cab Simulator

D.7. Driving Cab Simulator  
Simulators provide a real life train driving experience in an exact replica of their on-the-job environment.

Painting Booth for Separate Parts

D.8. Painting Booth  
Painting/heating/baking/drying process for separate parts is done in painting booths.